Merit Use Proposal for Public Consultation

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) has received an application relating to the change of use of an existing facility used for a ‘warehouse/office’ to a ‘light industry/office’ for Aerobond Pty Ltd on airport land. A preliminary assessment of the application has deemed the proposal as a Merit Use development.

The proposed site is located at Unit E, 5 Butler Boulevard in the Burbridge Business Park, identified in the Master Plan as the Terminals and Business Precinct.

In the event that members of the public provide written comment about the proposed Merit Use, Adelaide Airport Ltd will:

  • Give due regard to those comments;
  • Advise the proponent of any variation to those comments; and
  • Make a decision on the Use activity.

Any comments about this Merit Use are to be forwarded in writing, for the attention of: Tony Francis, Property Development Manager, to the address hereunder prior to 5.00pm on Thursday 29 March 2018. In addition, enquiries can also be directed through email to [email protected]

Adelaide Airport Limited: Management Centre

1 James Schofield Drive, Adelaide Airport, SA 5950

Ph: (08) 8308 9211

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