2014 Master Plan

In compliance with Section 86 of the Airport Act 1996, Adelaide Airport Limited advises that the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development approved the draft Adelaide Airport Master Plan 2014 on 9th January, 2015.

The Master Plan, which covers a planning horizon of 20 years, is to remain in force for an expected duration of 5 years.

The Plan includes substantial infrastructure projects being considered in the short term while also providing a crucial road map to guide the airport’s operations in the longer term.

Adelaide Airport continues to grow as a major economic and employment generator in South Australia and over the next two decades plans to double the $2 billion it already contributes annually to the state economy.

Adelaide Airport plan to create another 3,500 new jobs over the next five years, which will take the total on-site workforce to more than 12,000, and continue to welcome more airlines and cater for more flights to more destinations domestically and internationally.

Use the following links to access the 2014 Preliminary Draft Master Plan.

Master Plan Volumes

Master Plan – Cover, Contents, Foreword and Executive Summary(1.1 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 1 – Introduction(949.0 KB)
Master Plan Chapter 2 – The Master Plan(960.6 KB)
Master Plan Chapter 3 – The Airport(2.5 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 4 – Forecasts(1.4 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 5 – Aircraft Noise(2.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 6 – Aviation Infrastructure(1.7 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 7 – Land Use Planning(7.5 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 8 – Services and Infrastructure(3.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 9 – Ground Transport Plan(4.3 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 10 – Environment Strategy(3.0 MB)
Master Plan Chapter 11 – Development Program(1.8 MB)
Master Plan – References(501.5 KB)

Master Plan Appendices

Master Plan – Appendix A – Master Plan Requirements under Legislation(218.9 KB)
Master Plan – Appendix B – Aircraft Noise Metrics(11.8 MB)
Master Plan – Appendix C – NASF Guidelines Overview(474.2 KB)
Master Plan – Appendix D-F – Past Achievements, Environment Strategy and System Documentation(243.7 KB)